Dave Fimbres is a gifted photographer.  I have worked with him on creative and commercial projects and have been very pleased with the results.  He delivers beautiful work on time and on budget.  I particularly appreciate the unusual perspective he brings to every project.  No matter how familiar the subjects, his photos are works of art!  - Melissa Busby Fernlund - Marketing & Media Relations Consulting LLC 

My family and I met Dave through his work exploring the realms of the Renaissance Faire and Faerie Festival scene. There is a large community of photographers in that community, many of exceptional talent and skill. Where Dave stands out is in capturing a moment, telling a story with a picture. I find Dave to be exceptionally deep and wide in his skills from capturing a very intimate, personal moment to illuminating a vast panorama of drama. His choice of shot, his composition and his refinement to a finished image is tasteful and crafted. Dave has captured and preserved many of my favorite moments with friends and family over the years and I always look forward to seeing him and the fruit of his efforts year after year. – Marc Hudgins - ZeniMax Online Studios

Dave: "Shannon and I are thrilled with the way our wedding pictures turned out.  You were able to capture not only the pictures but you truly captured the feeling of the day.  We have our favorites hanging on our walls and they really take us back to that exact moment.  Thank you so much for being part of our special day." - Spencer & Shannon 


"Dave's work is amazing.  I ALWAYS thoroughly enjoy viewing his most recent uploads. His photos possess something special, unique. He is bursting with ideas and is always willing to encourage other phtographers. His photos are professional, new, innovative, beautiful and inspiring.  Keep it up Dave- You have talent :)" When You Wish upon a Star (flickr contact)


"Dave is my favorite photographer on flickr. His photos have everything that is perfect to be called art, feeling and technique together. In addition he has a beautiful family, and I love seeing them in your photos.  - Cathy LM 


"i'm nowhere near as active or up to date with flickr as i was when i first added you as a contact forever ago, but i never feel like i missed a beat when i come back to your photostream- everything of yours is just positively timeless, which is what we all aim to be! it's like your version of the everyday snapshot just happens to be a beautiful work of art every time."  - Turtlefly (flickr contact)


"What can i say? Everytime i come to your photostream for a quick peek im completely dumb founded by the incredible work that you do. I love how every picture you take seems as if it could come to life right before your eyes, that every moment you capture is simple on hold just for you. You are my very first testimonial i have ever written and you deserve it. I love your work" - Robbyn G"


"Dave is by far, bar none, one of the best photographers I have ever seen for a very long while.I admire his conviction and his emotional connection to his photographs. His approach to his compositions is both poetic and artistic.  His pride for his people has been admirable and is transparent through his work. His compositions, colors and techniques are just nothing short of amazing. Very very admirable and definitely someone to look up to and aspire to be." - Rushorahman (flickr contact)